Are you paying a fixed monthly fee on a contract to look after your boiler?

If you are happy with the service then that of course is fine, but we are finding more and more of our customers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the service that is provided – waiting for a long time on the phone, waiting days for them to attend – leaving you with no heating or hot water, or the fact that someone has to be home all day whilst waiting for an engineer to call. We also hear the monthly contract is followed by lots of confusing or hidden caveats and sometimes finding that you are not actually covered, despite paying an extortionate monthly fee!

At Warm Response Ltd, rather than offering a contract, we try to keep it simple:
After the service is carried out, we send an invoice to you, currently £70 plus VAT for a gas boiler service, the equivalent of £7 per month. As a Warm Response customer you will then receive priority treatment in an emergency – we will usually attend the same day and if we can’t get it fixed there and then – we will of course prioritise the works until you are up and running again. As a Warm Response customer we will do our very best to keep you warm!!

This way you only ever pay for works as they are needed, and we guarantee to provide you with the best possible service.